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D E O N     M U I R

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Ko Matawhaura te maunga
Ko Rotoiti te moana 
Ko Te Arawa te waka 
Ko Ngāti Pikiao te iwi 
Ko Te Rangiunuora te hapū 
Ko Taurua te pā tawhito 

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A passionate New Zealander, Deon Muir has spent most of his professional career representing both his country and the mighty Waikato. Captain of the New Zealand Maori All Blacks and Super captain of the Chiefs, Deon’s heart has always been in the provinces playing over 156 games and scoring over 250 points. Deon has spent most of his time since retiring giving back to the game he loves as director of rugby and coaching local teams.

Before and during all the accolades and international travel, Deon spent his years fishing and diving off the coast of Maketu. Soaking up local knowledge and history helped develop his passion for the outdoors and his desire to respect local traditions while giving back to the community.

When you book with Muirs Tours, this is not just a fishing charter, it is about understanding what it takes to be a kaitiaki of our Moana, improving your fishing skills, and just having a good time.

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Skipper Restricted Limits Certification of Competency (Maritime NZ), Workplace First Aid Certification, Certificate of Medical Fitness (Maritime NZ), Plastimo Offshore 105 GPS with Distant Bearings (Certified Maritime NZ), Fish & Game New Zealand Fishing Licence, New Zealand Certificate of Survey, Radiotelephone Inspection/Survey Certificate, Qualmark Silver Certification.

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The Maketu Coastguard

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I have been fishing and diving here for over 30 years, I remember holding Kina and mussel sacks as a youngster while my uncles pulled up the rich bounty that lay beneath the sea, every step of the way gaining valuable knowledge and a real respect for the sea and the kai we gathered. The story telling, the laughter as we sat around prepping and cooking our kai made from unforgettable experiences.

Fishing, diving, hunting and gathering has always been in my blood, I am passionate about the environment and educating future kaitiakaitanga on how best to take from and support our local fisheries.

For me this is more than just a fishing/diving charter it is a personal experience and about learning why certain fishing techniques work, how to target specific species and to look at the overall health of the moana when you go out for the day.

I hope that an excursion with Muirs Tours will give you the same feeling I had when I first went out all those many years ago, and together we can eat, laugh, and experience all the joy Tangaroa has to offer.

Deon Muir

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